Thursday, February 26, 2009

New McCalls

Here are some of my faves from the new collection
will be making this over and over. I can just feel it

This will be made multiple times as well.

I totally love this pattern.

Great for the bohemian in me.

I love this one as well but it reveals a lot of the bossom area

i know what you are thinking.......What in the world? This an example of a pattern made in the wrong fabric. This pattern should have been made in jersey to give it more appeal on the envelope. It really appears that the lady is walking around with a big diaper in her pants similiar to that fella form George Clinton and P-funk.


Faye Lewis said...

HEY PATTERN GIRL HERE: you picked a lot of the same ones I did. Can't wait until they are in the stores.

Faye Lewis said...

Hey, I left a new award for you on my blog.

Lisa H. said...

Great selection except the "Hammer Pant"
I love it when new patterns come out.

Susan said...

Don't show me...I'm trying to be good and not buy any more. lol. I just bought 10 of the new Butterick patterns. lol

Faye Lewis said...

What did you have to do about the tire?