Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This cool weather is putting me in the mood for the holidays. That first day of cool weather came (even though it was just for a couple of days) and I just had to whip up a cardigan. The first of many is McCalls 6168. ( to the left)  I made it from a fuschia rayon jersey knit from Joann fabric , the $13 stuff. This pattern is super easy and goes together fast. Now , I will warn you that it takes some fabric. I only had two yards and i believe the pattern calls for 2 3/4 yards. It took some squeezing to get this cardigan. I had to  remove some of the drape of the front piece. Even with me doing that, it is still long - maybe i am just short - and gave me the drama that I was looking for.  What can I say besides  this is a great pattern . I may make another one.......

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turning Bad into Good

 I would love to say this post is about some philanthropic  act, but it is about turning what was almost a wadder into a great addition to my wardrobe. This top is made from Kwik Sew 3891. It looks super cute on the cover but - honey - between me and you (okay maybe the whole world) it turned out to look like a straight sack. Whenever this happens , I am extremely hurt becuase it always happens with my good fabric. So what is a girl to do? I just left it on my bodyform for a couple of days until I finished cursing and had an ice cold Dr. Pepper. When I returned back to this top , I came up with the idea of just makeing it shorter and sewing the sides seams up a little bit more. Pretty happy with the results! I may make it again and just adjust the pattern to the new changes.

The pic to the left is the before. Do you see how lackluster it looks?  NOt even my big sunshades could help me here. Overall this was an easy pattern and takes no time to make. Great for stashbusting. The skirt is from Butterick 5539 and was very wasy to make. I believe it only takes one yard to make along with elastic for the waistband. I made it out of a cotton knit which was a booger to sew .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello ladies ! Summer is winding down but I am still trying to get as much summer sewing done as I can! I hate the heat but love the type of dressing that summer brings! The maxi dresses, the tank tops, the shorts, and you-know-it, the sunshades!!!! This top comes from Butterick 5496. I previously made it in the last post out of an ethnic cotton print and ever since I have been itching to make another. This one is made from a fuschia challis from Hancock fabric. I just love it, but it is a booger to keep pressed! This pattern is so easy. The only thing that I did differently was to eliminate the casing. I instead just sewed the elastic to the top stretching as I went along. This makes a great swimsuit coverup, wearing with shorts or skinny jeans, or even with a pencil skirt. I think this pattern will be in heavy rotation!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hallelujah - it's raining thread - raining thread!!! I have been sewing up a storm over here! Have you ever sewed something up and it turned out so great that you felt like you brought home a new garment from shopping? What a high! You just marvel at it and think about it all day. And if you are a creatively obsessed sewing person like myself, you can't wait to get off work or for the baby to take his nap so you can make another. Don't judge me - you know you feel it too! Any who my new darling comes from Butterick 5496. If you don't have it, make sure you pick it up at the next patterns sale. This an easy pattern and can be sewn it at the most an hour and a half. Not to mention that it is also a great stash buster. When I put this top on, I felt like a diva. I can imagine it with some skinny jeans and you know my fav - BIG BUG-EYE SUNSHADES! I think this will be a great T-shirt alternative. I will definitely make more.
Before I made this, I whipped up A Loose Fit Knit Top with Cuffed Sleeves by the sweet Dixiediy (http://dixiediy.blogspot.com/2011/08/loose-fit-knit-top-with-cuffed-sleeves.htmlpot.com/2011/08/loose-fit-knit-top-with-cuffed-sleeves.html you have to download the patterns and put it together) out an olive green $13 knit from Joann fabrics. I love this top! It was a super easy and only took about 1.25 yds. Great for stash busting and also another T-shirt alternative. Many more will be flying from the sewing machine. Where is a wide-brimmed sun hat when you need one?
And last but not least .... another tank dress. I just love them. It is just like the other one that I made . This one is made out of the $13 knit from Joann Fabrics. Super easy and great for when I am out with the family.
Forgive the wrinkles!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jumping On the Bandwagon!

Shame on me ! Shame on me ! I can not believe it has been almost a month since I have posted. Oh how did I bear to be away from you singing seamstresses so long. Taking care of a teething 8-month old - that's how!!! On with the show! So many of these long knit tank dresses have been popping up on many blogs and I just had to have one. I used Simplicity 2189 and it has become my favorite. I used a knit off the at-the-time extremely clearanced table . I did not originally know what I was going to make with the fabric, but it made a wonderful wearable muslin. This pattern is super easy and can be made in at the most a couple of hours.
I highly recommend this. Another one has already been made and many more may fly from my sewing table .
All I need are my big bug-eye shades, wooden bead necklace, funky wedges and I am ready!!!
Forgive the fuzzy pics!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


This time the just happen to be in the fabric! OOh how I love this fabric! I got this knit at Joann's and I think I went back and bought more of it. I do that often- buy more of the same fabric and then wonder why I have no variety in my closet. Anyway this top is made from an old TNT pattern that I threw some sleeves. I just needed simple but cute top to wear when I am out with the little fellow. I meant for this top to have two mini-sharktails that hang on each sides of the shirt, but I did not cut out far enough so it looks like two splits on the sides. I was kind of sad about that, but I won't dwell on it long because hey - wadders happen!

The skirt is from Simplicity 2258.I made view C but instead of adding the waistband, I just sew the skirt to some 2in elastic. It is made in a lightweight denim that I got at Hancock's. This has become my go-to skirt but I think I will have to "go-to" another skirt pattern as I have realized that this emphasizes the fact that I don't have any hips! It is a cool skirt for these hot summer days and I just adore the fabric. I still love this pattern..........I love all my patterns really(I just laughed a little wicked laugh)!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wild Thang........I think I love you

Oh ladies.... When I put this top on , I just want to roar or purr like a wild kitten. This top comes from Simplicity 2971 ( I just looked on the Simplicity website and saw that it it Out of Print) and is super easy to sew.It is made from a soft knit that I got off of the clearance table at Joann's. I didn't look at the instructions at all.The only change to the pattern that I made was to add more fabric to the front bodice piece by placing it further away from the fold. I plan on wearing the mess out of this top this summer and possibly in the winter. You know what I always say, "Just throw on some big bug-eye shades, chunky accessories with a funky hair-do".

I can see another top like this. Lord knows I have a stash of knits that really need a pattern to belong to!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello all!!! Kisses Kissess to all! I have been in need of tops . I mean really in need. Normally when I am at home with the kiddo, I just wear a t-shirt and some jeans. This became a problem when it was time to go out as a family. I suddenly realized that I didn't have any proper tops. So what does a girl with shears in her holster do? Sew a heap of tops!

This top is from Vogue 1245 . This top is really simple, but be prepared to go through at least 3 yards of fabric! When I wore it to out this past weekend , I felt like Chiquita from Chiquita Bananas. ( Hopefully they sell these where you live!) I just wanted to Salsa all over Georgia in this top. It was really easy to sew. The sleeves are really huge. I would suggest wearing something under this because if you raise your arms, people can see your goodies. I made this top out of a challis print bought at Hancock fabrics about 4 years ago. I will be making this again-definitely!

I will post more tops later on in the week

Monday, July 11, 2011


"It kind of looks like a choir robe." the Hubby said. Can you believe it? A choir robe. In my mind , I envisioned this top with some big bug-eye sun shades, wild Chaka Khan hair, leggings, chunky accessories, and some cute&comfy wedges. Maybe I should have told him that!! Anyway this week's "DO YOU HAVE THIS PATTERN?" comes from Butterick 5355. It is made from a peachskin print purchased from Hancock Fabrics. I was a little apprehensive about the pattern/fabric choice because of the print but I went ahead with it anyway. I am happy I did. I loved it. When I wore it today during my post office run, I felt chic and savvy. I felt spunky !

Saturday, May 14, 2011


You thought I forgot huh? Nope - I didn't . But when you have a very active five-month-old, time kind of gets away from you. By the way, thank you all for your comments on my last post. for some reasons those comments have disappeared. I don't know what happened and I promise I did not remove them. This weeks "DO YOU HAVE THIS PATTERN?" comes from Simplicity 2190. I made View E out of a peachskin print from Hancock Fabric. I am totally smitten with this skirt. When I tried it on, I felt like a diva with a capital D. Honey, you couldn't tell me nothing! ( I know I should say , "You couldn't tell me anything!" but the other way emphasizes my point! HAha) Just give me a pair of wedges, some big bug-eye sunshades, a bangin' handbag, cute tee, and hell - throw in a fly sun straw hat!

This skirt was super easy. Total I believe there were about four pieces to this skirt. The flounces had to be cut on the fold and the skirt yoke is supposed to be cut on the bias. Now don't get me wrong, I like cutting on the bias. I believe bias cut pieces are very flattering, however cutting on the bias takes up too much fabric ! I only had two yards and the skirt calls 2 5/8 yards. So you know what time it was? Thats right - time to make my own instruction and cut the skirt yoke out of what scrap I had left and make it work. Since I have no hips - it worked out well and I have no complaints! I will be making this skirt again very soon! Words cannot express how much I love this pattern and how the skirt came out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Second Chance at Love

As much as I have bad-mouthed Simplicity 2258, I am now back in love with it. We, the pattern and I , have found common ground and all is well in my sewing room! This time around I made the skirt in a linen-like material that has been in my stash for awhile. The skirt is super easy. Well, it was easy according to the way that I made it. I was going for View C. At the last minute I decided to omit the ties and the band that the elastic is encased in to prevent any extra bulk around my stomack. So all in all , I just used the front skirt piece, pocket piece, and back skirt piece to make the skirt. I added 2inch wide black elastic as a waistbad for the skirt. I am very pleased with how it turned out and plan to make many more. I made a size 22 out of 60in fabric and I swear it only took maybe 1 1/8 yards. Oh yeah there will be more to come!! Don't you just love when you fall back in love with a pattern???

Here is another cardigan and tank that I made the same night as the skirt. I am super excited about these two pieces. They are such standout pieces! I can't promise that I will wear them together, but I will definitely wear them. OK - back to the machine. I hope your machine is SMOKIN' toooo!!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello good folks! I hope this week has been good to you so far. And if it hasn't - I truly hope it gets better! Buying fabric always perks me up. (And a dr. Pepper)This weeks "DO YOU HAVE THIS PATTERN" comes from good ol' Simplicity 2374. This pattern is one of my favorites. If you don't have it , you must add it to your never-ending list of patterns for your next shopping trip. I made View C in a knit. Originally the pattern requires that the bodice is made of a knit and the band skirt in a woven, but I chose to make the whole dress in a knit. (the $13.00 knit from Joann's) Hey - I am a slave to the knit. It draws me in everytime. This pattern is super easy and goes together fast. The only thing I did different from the instructions was to add a band treatment around the neck and armscyes. I truly love this dress and plan to make more.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


For the last couple of weeks, I have had the same turquoise color thread on my machine and serger. I have been trying to sew everything that color to prevent having to change thread. Those who sew alot can attest to days when your thread wants to show it's true colors (no pun intended) ! Sometimes it puckers, skips a stitch, flies out of the needle, or is just the wrong kind of thread for your fabric( and in my case, too lazy to get the right kind of thread). Anyway, all of this leads to the hesitation I have for changing my thread.

However, not changing thread has really helped me to see how many garments I can sew with one spool of thread. Are you curious to know too? Well lets see:

1. knit top 2yards
2. cardigan 1.5 yards
3. Easter dress 2.5 yards
4. tank top 1 yd
5. stripe knit dress 2.5 yd
6. turquoise knit dress 1.5 yd
7. tiered ruffle skirt 2.625 yd
8. receiving blanket 1.25 yd

The spool of thread is made by Coats&Clark and comes with 250yards of thread. This observation means alot because it shows me just how far my dollar goes! 14.875 yards of fabric sewn with 1 spool!!!!A spool of thread costs $2.80 i believe. $2.80 divided by 8 garments so far comes to$o.35 worth of thread per garment. Imagine when thread is half off! And I still have thread on the same spool left to sew something else.

How hard is your thread working for you?

Friday, April 29, 2011


That is how I feel about this dress! I will still wear it, but it will always be in the back of my mind that that heffer (my dress form) wore it better. Well -she is slightly thinner. Anyway this pattern is another morphed creation. The bodice and ruffle is from Simplicity 2374 and the skirt is from an old Stretchh&Sew pattern. This wonderful fabric was gifted to me from Faye. I honestly had the hardest time trying to think of something to make with this fabric. I knew whatever I chose had to be just right because of the print. I love how it turned out!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I thought it would be fun to have a weekly post series called , "DO YOU HAVE THIS PATTERN?", that features different patterns. It won't be on any specific day - just on day out of the week! Often times I have made something and in the process of show&tell , one of my friends will say, "Do I have that pattern?"
It always tickles me !!!

This week's DO YOU HAVE THAT PATTERN? comes from Burda 7389 . This is a super easy pattern! Great for a beginner or just a fast project. It only has three pieces and is great for stash-busting as I have come to realize.

I made view A out of some rayon challis from Joann fabrics. (this fabric is super soft after you wash it and sews really nicely)I did not change anything about this pattern. This is my second time making it and I will definitely be making it again. I plan to wear this dress with a cute cardigan and maybe a belt. I love a great pair of wedges and I think they will look great with this dress. If you don't have this pattern, run to the store and get it. Some might say that this has that Granny-housedress-look. I say it is all in how YOU ROCK IT!!!

Here is an image of the pattern.

I am so ready for spring/summer that I can hardly stand it!!!

This season I am all about easy sewing and easy dressing. I mean how fancy can you get with an 18 week old!!!

This tank comes from my TNT vintage tank pattern and I love it. It is an easy top to make and great for stashbusting! This knit fabric comes from the wonderful folks at fabric.com. I promise I am not being paid to say that. I have just always had good experiences with them. Lord knows I hate to order fabric online because I cannot feel it, but they have not let me down yet.


OMG! I AM ON A ROLL! The hubby and I were talking about things we can do to make time go by faster while he is deployed. I merely mentioned that I what I hope to accomplish before he comes home is to sew up my stash!!! Now I wouldn't say that I have a ton of fabric , but I do have a lot. Not to worry though - I know I can do it. Imagine his face when he comes home and sees that fabric gone!!!

Join me on my journey folks as I sew my stash down !!! It is 3:16 a.m. Wednesday and I have already completed 3 receiving blankets, a dress, and a top. If didn't have to be up in a couple of hours to feed the little one - trust me - I would keep on sewing!!!Lord knows I have a ton of ideas floating in the fashion show in my mind!!!

It pays to have dr. Pepper at 10:00 p.m. What a boost.

I will post pics tomorrow!
Peace Out!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Easter Dress

Oh I am so in love with my Easter Dress. It is nothing fancy - just a simple dress that made me smile. I used Mccalls 5975 and an old Stretch&Sew pattern to make it. The inspiration came from this post of Tam Styles' blog , Get it Girl Style. Once I saw this dress, I could not get it out of my mind and just had to have it.

I used M5975 for the bodice and the sleeves . I used the skirt from the Stretch&Sew pattern.This image to the left is the back view. Sorry for the blurry image! I altered the back neckline to sit just above my bra closure. This design change was simple and I can see another dress in the works. I added my usual band treatment . Elastic was added at the waist. (Kind of addicted to elastic - secretly)

Here is an image of the patterns that I used. This Mccalls pattern is a keeper. Great fit right out of the envelope - even with the pattern change.

A pic of the fabric!!!!!

OOH I am so giddy over this dress. It is exactly what I wanted!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You ever have an idea or project in your mind that lingers around all day? That is what happened with this particular dress. I remember several people making it a while back and thought to myself that I must make it. That was over a year ago. Anyway while searching through my patterns, I came across and quickly brought it to the forefront.This dress is from Mccalls 6109 and it is made from the $13.00 knit at Joann's ( love the stuff!!!). I have no complaints about this pattern nor the fabric. The pattern went together really fast and was really easy to sew with only 5 pieces!I added the bad around the neck. I plan to make this again. I have a bad habit of making something I like out of many colors so we will see how this turns out. Could this pattern be a runner up for my Easter dress? We shall see!!!Here is a picture of my hanging storage that I made with all of my bias tape in it. it is filled to capacity!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy solution

So, because I have a ton of bias tape from all of the receiving blankets that I make for my etsy shop , http://anaeve83.etsy.com/, I needed something to keep them organized yet visible. Thursday night I stayed up like a mad woman creating this hanging storage. I wanted something with a funky style yet sweet for spring and this fit the bill.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It warms my heart!!!

Can I just say how it warms my heart to have followers!!! I just recently started back blogging on a more consistent basis and I am truly thankful to all of my visitors and followers!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

More tops

This knit top and skirt are both from McCalls 6288 from the Generation Next collection. This top was super easy and is made from a super soft knit. The top is very form fitting so I added some extra on the sides of the bodice piece. I did not look at the instructions at all because I am familiar with sewing this particular type of top. I did add a band to the neckline and the sleeves.

The skirt is super easy as well. It is made out of a broadcloth. Next time I will make it out of a challis or something with a little more flow. I think this one has turned into a wearable muslin. I don't know that I will make this one again because there are so many others too try. Plus, patterns are coming out so fast!!!

This striped top to the right is made from Simplicity 2190. It is one of the newest ones. As an on the go mother, I needed some tops to throw on when I am out with the little one as well as go to the gym in. This top definitely fit the bill. However I do suggest making this top in a fluid knit like an ITY, or a rayon jersy. Otherwise if you make it from a knit that is kind of stiff, lets just say it is not too flattering. This knit looks lightweight and airy however it is kind of stiff. When I put the top on, I did not feel pretty. But you know how it is when you have made something that you kind of like but might not want to throw away. I pictured it with jewelry, with my hair done, and even other pieces in my closet. I just believe I can make it work!!!:) Can't you see the S on my chest for SuperSewer!! I know - so corny! But she is this super hero that lives in my head when a questionnable garment arises!! Please forgive the wrinkles - I was just too lazy to take it off the mannequin and iron. So lazy!!!

And to the right is a sneek peek at a cardigan i am working on. The pattern came from a cardigan that I bought at Target. I simply made a painters tape pattern of the purchased cardigan. I think it is coming along nicely. With a few little design elements left, I think this will be finished this weeked. The fabric is from Joann's. It is one of their - what faye and I call - $13.00 knits. I kow it sounds like alot but the stuff is truly worth it. It is super soft and not does not bead up after the first use. It only gets softer after you wash it and the color lasts a long while. I think the fabric has some Rayon in it and another fiber content that I cannot remember and belongs to the Sew Classisc collection.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So in love with Purple

OMG! I am so excited for spring ! I want my closet to be full of colors and most importantly, full of colors I love. This season I am in the mood for worry free clothing. I think this will fit my new lifestyle as a new mommy!!!!! So to kick start my spring sewing we have Butterick 5351
I made View D in a purple Rayon challis. This pattern is super easy. But in all fairness I did not sew this dress according to te instructions. Like I said, I wanted this garment to be worry free. I omitted the zipper in the back but added extra space in the bodice pieces . I added elastic to the top as well as to the middle where the bodice meets the skirt part. Talk about easy-peasy sewing. This dress is so easy. I can see this as a bathing suit cover-up and definitely with a cardigan when running errands. I love it. I can see another one already!!!!