Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not exactly my favorite

Has anyone seen the new collection of Burda patterns for fall/winter. I mean- come on. They were not the usual spunky and vivrant designs that you would normally expect from Burda. Looking back at all of the top pattern companies, I tried to decide which one company was my favorite. I kind of think they were all just missing something . Though if I had to choose from this season which company had the best collection of paterns , Mccalls would be my favorite with Vogue coming in second. I think eventually everyone should take a pattern-making class. So I want to hear from you all. Who was your favorite this season?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Got to have it

Did anyone else see the new Vogue patterns? I have got to have them. I can see a whole heap of fabric being sewn with these patterns.

Watch out because at the patterns sale , its every woman for herself.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Still trying to catch up

you can never have enough black and white right? I love this dress especially when I think of how I managed to make it work when I only had remnant pieces to make it out of. This is simplicity 2922. The top contrasting fabric is a black and white tweed fabric I guess you would say and the black is just some linen. Total, I don't think this dress cost me more than five bucks. Eat your heart out mass retailers with skyrocketing prices. I love this pattern . It is very easy. I will make it again once I get my bust area down. Kinda tight.

Sorry for the back view only. The front was just not doing it for me.

My first attempt to make a suit turned out like this. I like it . I just need to go back and do something with the collar. I even covered the buttons myself. It is made from Butterick 5168. Everything is made as instructed in the directions except fot the back. the back is supposed to have a big pleat , but at the time that I made it, I was dog sick and didn't really feel like going through the trouble. So i took the pleat out and just turned it into the center seam. I like that better . I don't think that I would have like all of that fabric hanging off of me.

I would have gave you all a view of the pants but I still need to get the fit right. I had one major "camel toe" going on and that is not cute. ---At all.

You have got to take risk sometimes. This dfabric is amazing. I got it at Joann's Fabrics and have been in love with ever since. The strips are mostly this cappucino brown but every so often a hit of silver will turn up.

Can you see the silver? Imagine - with a cute little updo, some silver accessories and sute shoes to top it off. No on will be able to tell you anything. And if they look? Just walk a little slower and let them admire the fabric.

I almost forgot to say that this simplicity 2934 with a cap sleeve and without the drawstring at the waist.

Trying to catch up

This top is from the Built by Wendy collection from Simplicity pattern 3835. This is my second time making this top . As you can recall , I used the pattern in the previous post to make the beige and black animal print dress. It is totally easy. The chocolate band is leftover linen from a dress that I made some time ago. The chartreuse sheer was not that easy to sew, but you know once you have an idea in you mind, it is hard to let it go. I can wear this top anywhere. Just throw on some slacks , shorts, or a pair of jeans with some cute wedge heels or sandals and the world is my oyster.

This top is great for the summer time. It is made from Simplicity 3529. The dress is primarily made from brown challis. I decided to bring the facing to the outside . I made the facing out of a drapery remnant from Hancock Fabric. I love love love this pattern and have made it at least three times.

This dress is from Butterick 5040. The only alteration that I made was to make the sleeves fit tighter. I made this same pattern out of a ribbed knit and I swear it looked as though I was getting ready to go cook Sunday dinner. I mean it looked straight up like a mumu. But I am not one to let a silly pattern defeat me, so I tried it again and am very happy with its outcome. At the bottom, I just sewed three different colored strips to give it some pizzazz.