Friday, October 2, 2009

New Vogue's are out

Here are a few of my favorites from the new Vogue pattern collection. I predict a stampede at the pattern cabinets. Some of the patterns look a little frumpy but look at the style lines and envision your fabric made up in it. Sometimes the pattern companies don't always use the prettiest fabric for some of the garments OOOOH the drama in this collar.

Yep - this is hot. I have several winter fabrics that need to be made up in this

great pattern for an easy jacket but not so nice fabric.

Again imagine some of your great knits made in this.

Really nice for fall/winter dates with the hubby.

Have to have this pattern

Anyone who knows me knows I love a great challis and this would be great for it.

Brings out the matrix in me

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey to everyone out there. It's been a minute since I have last posted. (I mean my god - we have a new president and everything) but here is what I have been up to. All of theses necklaces are for sale on my etsy shop I also started selling ****drumroll **** ..........fabric!!!!! Here are just some of the lovelies that I offer.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Vogue or not to Vogue

At first I thought, man - Vogue missed the mark with thier summer collection of patterns. Though as I looked on, I was able to find some that sparked my interest.

Here are my favorites for the new Vogue collection.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New McCalls

Here are some of my faves from the new collection
will be making this over and over. I can just feel it

This will be made multiple times as well.

I totally love this pattern.

Great for the bohemian in me.

I love this one as well but it reveals a lot of the bossom area

i know what you are thinking.......What in the world? This an example of a pattern made in the wrong fabric. This pattern should have been made in jersey to give it more appeal on the envelope. It really appears that the lady is walking around with a big diaper in her pants similiar to that fella form George Clinton and P-funk.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Vogue patterns that I forgot about

I really love dresses and sometimes the dresses that I might make can be a little moomoo-ish so I am trying really hard to move away from those type of silhouettes. This pattern is on the verge. But I think that with a little shortening (not hoochie short) and the pockets this can be a very young silhouette. I say shorten it because I myself am a little short.

And talk about a power suit. I love this suit ensemble. I could make this in several colors. in the summer you could wear the jacket with a nice pair of shorts and a belt. Endless opportunites!!!!


OOOOOOOH I thought the New Vogue patterns were so good, I just had to do a post about them. Here are some of my favorites that I might actually sew.

Now you always need a dress just to go about the town in. You know-something not to fussy - to window shop or actually shop in but that can still allow you to be free. I can see this in challi, a linen look-like, and a knit.

Another great jacket pattern. I know that butterick has come out with a pattern similiar to this, but I think it is the sleeve that attracts me to it. I would definitely make this pattern in some type of black material and maybe cut the neck differently. I have learned the hard way that this neckline completely swallows me.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a great cardigan. I see many fabrics from my stash in this pattern. Oh - the drama.

Call me paranoid if you want but every time new Vogue patterns come out, I always feel everyone and their mamas are going to be late that morning so they can buy Vogue patterns. I still feel the same about the pattern sale. I think this pattern might be a hot seller. And since vogue only sends about two patterns for every design, it is sure to cause some teeth sucking.

I love this pattern. What can I say? A girl can never have too many jackets.

Honey I think I would fight my mama for this pattern. Just joking. This is another really hot one. It seems complicated but I think I must have that jacket.

Hot Hot Hot. I think I will try this in khaki first.

Isn't this a hot little number. I can see this in so many fabrics from my stash. I would wear with a cute cardigan and some flats. And you can't forget about the accessories.
I think I might make the mess out of this one. Maybe a version with or without the pockets.Sometimes Vogue can get a little complicated. Maybe this can be one of my resolutions to challenge myself with a Vogue pattern.

A nice summer dress.My brother will be graduating soon and this pattern could be in the line up of dresses I am thinking about wearing to the graduation.

Another knit top pattern for all of my knits. I am trying to get out of the habit of making raglan sleeve knit tops. How many can a girl have? I would make the wrap version at the bottom right.
Well I hope you all enjoy and please make your list before you go to this pattern sale. If you sit and browse through the pattern catalogue there - you might miss out. Til next time.