Friday, June 27, 2008

So glad it is Friday

Hello again to everyone out there. This post it about me being tagged. Yep, Lisa at Sew On and Sew On tagged me. So here goes.

1.What was I doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was just beginning high school. I was new to this particular school district and only knew two people. I also met my sugarboo around this time but at the time we were only friends. I didn't know how to sew just yet. My mom was a single mom , so my time after school was spent helping here with my two brothers.

2.What are five things on my "To Do" list today?

1. cut out fabric
2. clean house
3. figure out a place for mountain of fabric
4. do laundry
5. make a "honey-do" list (get it - "honey-do" "honey-dew" maybe it's a little corny)

all these things must be done and not necessarily in this order

3.Snacks I enjoy

french fries
wings from American Deli or Timmy Chan (shoutout to all of my Houstonians)

4. What would I do if I became a billionaire

What wouldn't I do?

First I would tithe (can't forget about the Lord)
Then I would have a meeting with my family members in which I would give them all a portion
I would build a dream house for me and my sugarboo complete with the ultimate sewing room
Buy the car of his dreams
start my own business
give to community and other various organizations

5.Places I have lived

Houston , Tx (Oh-how I long to be anywhere in Texas)
Denton , Tx
Dallas , Tx
Warner Robins, Ga

6.What type of work have I done?

Cashier at Chat'n'Chew at Six Flags Astroworld in Houston
Cashier at Krogers
Cashier at McDonald's
Clerk at Hancock Fabrics
Supervisor at Hancock Fabrics

7.People I would like to know more about.

Most of the people that I would like to know about have already been tagged

Tearsa from That's Sew Live

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back with a vengeance 2

If i were a cat this is how I would look.

Yeah - if I were a cat, I would totally look like this. My skin would be animal printed rayon challis. Now the top dress is from a pattern that I downloaded from . (it was free) It has the round neck with gathers in the front and the back. The sleeve is built into the dress with a ruffle at the end of the sleeve. This dress is very free flowing and comfortable. Would I travel in it? No. Great for a day of shopping or venturing around town. The second dress is Simplicity 3835. I didn't really make any changes to the pattern except for adding a little more on each side to make it flow more and not be so clingy. Both dresses were easy to make. i will continue to make more of each. The legs , however, are courtesy of yours truly and working at Hancock Fabrics.

Back with a vengeance

Hello to all. I didn't realize it had almost been a month since my last post. But Lisa and Linda never let me forget. Great friends who encourage me . You too Sharon. Anyway here are the latest bedazzelers.

This dress is made from fuschia and black broadcloth. The top part had to be altered to be a little longer in order to get over my bust. Somehow though, I must have missed a step or went wrong with the darts because I can hardly zip it up in the back. I will have to try this one again. Someday I will wear it though because it is still pretty cute. Oh yeah this is Simplicity 3777.
When I made this , I was thinking of something that I could wear out with my sugarboo. I saw this with a cute little updo with some thick and funky bangs, black accessories, and black pumps .

I call this my blue twill jacket. It is made from Simplicity 3760. The only thing that I changed was to add a little bit more to the under arm seam to make the jacket swing a bit more. All it needs now is a nice button to set it off. Come on- can you see this with some type of big wooden hoop earrings, cute litte white tee , some skinny jeans OR some funky wide leg jeans
(shout out to Lisa at Sew On and Sew On - THE PEOPLE NEED TO SEE YOUR WIDE LEG JEANS ON YOUR BLOG) and a bad pair of pumps.I call this my jailbird shirt.

Don' t I look nervous and ready to answer questions. Well anyway this is Simplicity 2934. I did the front and back insets with a contrasting knit while at the same time matching the colors and adding a little flare. My only change to the pattern was to sew a strip of fabric where the sleeves were supposed to go . I will definitely make this pattern again and I have.