Monday, January 21, 2013

It's a new day!

Hello all of my people! (Crickets) I know people make all of these resolutions that they will post more, talk about all of these different topics, and find a direction for their blog.  All of these things are good. Especially finding a direction for your blog. But I don't to even promise you or myself that. For this new year, I just want to do me. I don't want to compare myself to anyone else. I just want to find a better me - a better me  for me and my family. So won't you come on this journey with me? Come one - I know you all are out there!

So on to my outfit:

My top is Simplicity 2971 which is now out of print.It is made from a luscious knit purchased from Joann's a while ago. This is my second time making this top and I can truly say it goes in the favorite pile. When I put it on I feel glamourous. Give me a chunky necklace and I am ready.

The skirt is MimiG's pencil skirt tutorial. Honey, this skirt is the business. I can tell you that I don't care if I ever sew another type of skirt. Give me about twenty of these and I am cool. The tutorial is easy, doesn't require much fabric,  and goes together fast. I made mine out of Ponte Roma from Hancock's. It stretches just enough and feels great up against the skin. I truly suggest making this skirt in Ponte Roma or something just like it. I did, however, peg it toward the knee a little. I wanted that Basic Instinct skirt look but longer. Hey I don't want to show all of my goodies!!! 

Well until next time!


Faye Lewis said...

Love your look every time! You do have a distinct youthful approach to pulling your style together.

ebbyj said...

AAAAH ! Thank you Linda!

Lisa H. said...

Hey,you beautiful doll! That top is killer and the skirt is sassy.

Chris Lucas said...

Love your top and the skirt looks great too :)