Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back with a vengeance

Hello to all. I didn't realize it had almost been a month since my last post. But Lisa and Linda never let me forget. Great friends who encourage me . You too Sharon. Anyway here are the latest bedazzelers.

This dress is made from fuschia and black broadcloth. The top part had to be altered to be a little longer in order to get over my bust. Somehow though, I must have missed a step or went wrong with the darts because I can hardly zip it up in the back. I will have to try this one again. Someday I will wear it though because it is still pretty cute. Oh yeah this is Simplicity 3777.
When I made this , I was thinking of something that I could wear out with my sugarboo. I saw this with a cute little updo with some thick and funky bangs, black accessories, and black pumps .

I call this my blue twill jacket. It is made from Simplicity 3760. The only thing that I changed was to add a little bit more to the under arm seam to make the jacket swing a bit more. All it needs now is a nice button to set it off. Come on- can you see this with some type of big wooden hoop earrings, cute litte white tee , some skinny jeans OR some funky wide leg jeans
(shout out to Lisa at Sew On and Sew On - THE PEOPLE NEED TO SEE YOUR WIDE LEG JEANS ON YOUR BLOG) and a bad pair of pumps.I call this my jailbird shirt.

Don' t I look nervous and ready to answer questions. Well anyway this is Simplicity 2934. I did the front and back insets with a contrasting knit while at the same time matching the colors and adding a little flare. My only change to the pattern was to sew a strip of fabric where the sleeves were supposed to go . I will definitely make this pattern again and I have.

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Faye Lewis said...

I love the jail bird look girl. Oh to be young and sassy like you! And the pink dress is a great look too. And the Jacket, wow you are making quite a nice wardrobe. Tell your sugarboo I said HI!