Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Back

Question? Is it possible to have too many knit shirts? I try not to make too many knit shirts that resemble a t-shirt and try to change the silhouette a little.And due to my overwhelming knit stash, I have vowed to sew only knits until I get the knit stash down and then go to another area in my fabric stash. So here is one piece that I have made so far:

This is a rayon knit that was purchased at Hancock Fabrics at half price. I bought so much of it and later found out that not only does it have to be handwashed but, you have to line dry it as well. I guess that is what I get for buying while excited.

The pattern come from in their download section. It was a free tunic/dress pattern that has become one of may favorites so much so that I hang it on a hanger for repeated use. I have tried and tried to copy and paste a pic of the pattern for anyone interested and somehow it must be restricted because it will not paste.

You can make this pattern from not only a knit, but challis, linen, georgette, or just about anything that has some drape and flow to it. I made the largest size that it had just to be on the safe side and that seemed to work for me .

Would I continue to make this pattern? You know it. Once you have downloaded the pattern, printed it, and put the pieces together, the possibilities are endless. What you save by the pattern being free, i guess you would say you make up with the expense of buying ink. By the way, is anyone else a fan of putting pattern pieces together that you have printed from the internet.

On another note here is a pic of my new sewing room before I set it up. (Linda I am still working on those curtains.I know - I should be ashamed of myself).

I wished I could have gotten a better pic of the room before but I could not even step in the room because of all the stuff - I mean fabric. So this pic is basically from the entrance to the room. Here is a pic of it afterwards.

Also, when reading other blogs, I sometime get the feeling that some of you may not have big fabric stashes. Could it be true? Do you just buy enough to make you current project and then from there or do you buy when you see something like? Could your stash possibly look like this?

So, I am trying not to buy anymore fabric, but how can you resist a good sale. Anyway write me back and tell me about your stash.


<3 Shawnta said...

Your stash is BEAUTIFUL! It is hard to resist a sale or pretty fabric.:) I have a sewing room that I have yet to set up but I love looking an planning with my fabric so it has taken over my bedroom! I really need to get that fabric where it belongs. I started about 5 months ago and I would say the pile that you have on your chair is about where I am right that I look at it maybe two of those chairs :)

Faye Lewis said...

Ebony, you have my heart! I LOVE your stash!, and think you have something to be proud of. I love your new top, and my answer is "NO YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH KNIT TOPS!"
You know I love knits, and I have the very same fabric that you made your top from - only thing is, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT WAS HAND WASH AND LINE DRY!
We've got to get together soon.

Adrienne said...

You have a wonderful stash! I don't have that much of a stash but I surrrreee have one. I love beautiful fabric and don't often pass it up if it is on sale lol.

Rez Lady said...

Your stash is an inspiration. My sister is a quilter and she has similar stash. I'm going to Hancock's Fabrics tomorrow:)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I have a closet that looks like that too! So please I definitely understand your pain! :)