Sunday, October 26, 2008

my nameless collection

Okay- so do you all remember my story line for my collection? Just in case you don't, here it is again..........

I took a different approach when sewing not only this piece but all of the pieces for my winter wardrobe.My winter wardrobe is based on the idea of a traveling poet during a modern dayHarlem Renaissance that listens to Billie Holiday, Chrisette Michelle, beyonce, Eric Badu, jay-z, Solonge, Common ad the list goes on. She travels all over of the world hoping to book gigs. She so desperately wants the world to hear her work, her point of view. She travels with one suit case of interchangeable peices of clothing and a quilt. (She really needs two but we will make believe it only fits in one.)

I have been working on it bit-by-bit. But it is not just about the clothes for me , it is about the way I take the pics, the props, everything. Imagine doing all of this for clothes that I will everyday and not just extravagant one of a kind of pieces. Enough with the rambling, here is a pic of garment number 2 (remember the Burdastyle competition was piece number 1).

I didn't want to come off as a bum but isn't it part of the struggle?

Okay that is all for now. The hubby is my photographer and you know how that goes? Will post more stuff later.Still don't have a name for the collection. Anyone have any ideas.


Faye Lewis said...

Oh Ebony, I am so into the storyline of your collection! I so want it to have a name but I can't come up with one that I think would be suitable!

My tunic fits nicely, but as you know it has some patched pieces cause I ran out of fabric. Oh well, I had to throw perfectionism to the wind this time, but be assured that it will be worn. Just a suggestion, but will you add your email address to your blog?

artist1lisa said...

So very beautiful.You are so talented.I'm so into the story and the collection.I'll be thinking of a name over the week.
All the accessories shown with the dress are perfect.

Faye Lewis said...

Ebony you give the nicest compliments to my work! I need some chicken too. We will have to go and get some real soon.