Saturday, May 14, 2011


You thought I forgot huh? Nope - I didn't . But when you have a very active five-month-old, time kind of gets away from you. By the way, thank you all for your comments on my last post. for some reasons those comments have disappeared. I don't know what happened and I promise I did not remove them. This weeks "DO YOU HAVE THIS PATTERN?" comes from Simplicity 2190. I made View E out of a peachskin print from Hancock Fabric. I am totally smitten with this skirt. When I tried it on, I felt like a diva with a capital D. Honey, you couldn't tell me nothing! ( I know I should say , "You couldn't tell me anything!" but the other way emphasizes my point! HAha) Just give me a pair of wedges, some big bug-eye sunshades, a bangin' handbag, cute tee, and hell - throw in a fly sun straw hat!

This skirt was super easy. Total I believe there were about four pieces to this skirt. The flounces had to be cut on the fold and the skirt yoke is supposed to be cut on the bias. Now don't get me wrong, I like cutting on the bias. I believe bias cut pieces are very flattering, however cutting on the bias takes up too much fabric ! I only had two yards and the skirt calls 2 5/8 yards. So you know what time it was? Thats right - time to make my own instruction and cut the skirt yoke out of what scrap I had left and make it work. Since I have no hips - it worked out well and I have no complaints! I will be making this skirt again very soon! Words cannot express how much I love this pattern and how the skirt came out.

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Faye Lewis said...

Peach skin feels so goooood doesn't it, and it worked with just the right drape for that chic little number you just created there. Love the print and the vivid colors, you should enter the "COLOR YOUR SUMMER" contest because you choose such vivid hues all the time. Color your Summer info can be found here
if you are interested - otherwise it's a great blog that you might be interested in.