Tuesday, May 3, 2011


For the last couple of weeks, I have had the same turquoise color thread on my machine and serger. I have been trying to sew everything that color to prevent having to change thread. Those who sew alot can attest to days when your thread wants to show it's true colors (no pun intended) ! Sometimes it puckers, skips a stitch, flies out of the needle, or is just the wrong kind of thread for your fabric( and in my case, too lazy to get the right kind of thread). Anyway, all of this leads to the hesitation I have for changing my thread.

However, not changing thread has really helped me to see how many garments I can sew with one spool of thread. Are you curious to know too? Well lets see:

1. knit top 2yards
2. cardigan 1.5 yards
3. Easter dress 2.5 yards
4. tank top 1 yd
5. stripe knit dress 2.5 yd
6. turquoise knit dress 1.5 yd
7. tiered ruffle skirt 2.625 yd
8. receiving blanket 1.25 yd

The spool of thread is made by Coats&Clark and comes with 250yards of thread. This observation means alot because it shows me just how far my dollar goes! 14.875 yards of fabric sewn with 1 spool!!!!A spool of thread costs $2.80 i believe. $2.80 divided by 8 garments so far comes to$o.35 worth of thread per garment. Imagine when thread is half off! And I still have thread on the same spool left to sew something else.

How hard is your thread working for you?


Faye Lewis said...

You really did the math on that one. I think you are such a good writer.

Shawnta said...

You really broke it down! I should only buy white fabric the way I avoid changing some thread.:)

ebbyj said...

Thank you all for your compliments!

Jackie said...

That is something! I don't like changing the serger thread, lol