Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jumping On the Bandwagon!

Shame on me ! Shame on me ! I can not believe it has been almost a month since I have posted. Oh how did I bear to be away from you singing seamstresses so long. Taking care of a teething 8-month old - that's how!!! On with the show! So many of these long knit tank dresses have been popping up on many blogs and I just had to have one. I used Simplicity 2189 and it has become my favorite. I used a knit off the at-the-time extremely clearanced table . I did not originally know what I was going to make with the fabric, but it made a wonderful wearable muslin. This pattern is super easy and can be made in at the most a couple of hours.
I highly recommend this. Another one has already been made and many more may fly from my sewing table .
All I need are my big bug-eye shades, wooden bead necklace, funky wedges and I am ready!!!
Forgive the fuzzy pics!!!


Faye Lewis said...

Man if I could only sew faster I might be able to keep up with your pace. I love your dress, and have been wanting one for myself. Nothing to it but to do it, huh? I can just see you in it too. If I can get one made maybe we could wear them together - wouldn't that be a hoot!

ebbyj said...

Yes it would! Sunshades and all!