Thursday, July 28, 2011


This time the just happen to be in the fabric! OOh how I love this fabric! I got this knit at Joann's and I think I went back and bought more of it. I do that often- buy more of the same fabric and then wonder why I have no variety in my closet. Anyway this top is made from an old TNT pattern that I threw some sleeves. I just needed simple but cute top to wear when I am out with the little fellow. I meant for this top to have two mini-sharktails that hang on each sides of the shirt, but I did not cut out far enough so it looks like two splits on the sides. I was kind of sad about that, but I won't dwell on it long because hey - wadders happen!

The skirt is from Simplicity 2258.I made view C but instead of adding the waistband, I just sew the skirt to some 2in elastic. It is made in a lightweight denim that I got at Hancock's. This has become my go-to skirt but I think I will have to "go-to" another skirt pattern as I have realized that this emphasizes the fact that I don't have any hips! It is a cool skirt for these hot summer days and I just adore the fabric. I still love this pattern..........I love all my patterns really(I just laughed a little wicked laugh)!!!!

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