Saturday, July 5, 2008

Still trying to catch up

you can never have enough black and white right? I love this dress especially when I think of how I managed to make it work when I only had remnant pieces to make it out of. This is simplicity 2922. The top contrasting fabric is a black and white tweed fabric I guess you would say and the black is just some linen. Total, I don't think this dress cost me more than five bucks. Eat your heart out mass retailers with skyrocketing prices. I love this pattern . It is very easy. I will make it again once I get my bust area down. Kinda tight.

Sorry for the back view only. The front was just not doing it for me.

My first attempt to make a suit turned out like this. I like it . I just need to go back and do something with the collar. I even covered the buttons myself. It is made from Butterick 5168. Everything is made as instructed in the directions except fot the back. the back is supposed to have a big pleat , but at the time that I made it, I was dog sick and didn't really feel like going through the trouble. So i took the pleat out and just turned it into the center seam. I like that better . I don't think that I would have like all of that fabric hanging off of me.

I would have gave you all a view of the pants but I still need to get the fit right. I had one major "camel toe" going on and that is not cute. ---At all.

You have got to take risk sometimes. This dfabric is amazing. I got it at Joann's Fabrics and have been in love with ever since. The strips are mostly this cappucino brown but every so often a hit of silver will turn up.

Can you see the silver? Imagine - with a cute little updo, some silver accessories and sute shoes to top it off. No on will be able to tell you anything. And if they look? Just walk a little slower and let them admire the fabric.

I almost forgot to say that this simplicity 2934 with a cap sleeve and without the drawstring at the waist.


Faye Lewis said...

Ebony you are really doing a great job with your sewing - INSPIRING!

artist1lisa said...

You have been super busy,sewing.That black and white is chic.The jacket with the coverer buttons is sharp.You made me laugh about the camel toe.

Amy said...

I love both of the dresses that you've made, but that striped dress, I want that. Ooh la la!