Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello all!!! Kisses Kissess to all! I have been in need of tops . I mean really in need. Normally when I am at home with the kiddo, I just wear a t-shirt and some jeans. This became a problem when it was time to go out as a family. I suddenly realized that I didn't have any proper tops. So what does a girl with shears in her holster do? Sew a heap of tops!

This top is from Vogue 1245 . This top is really simple, but be prepared to go through at least 3 yards of fabric! When I wore it to out this past weekend , I felt like Chiquita from Chiquita Bananas. ( Hopefully they sell these where you live!) I just wanted to Salsa all over Georgia in this top. It was really easy to sew. The sleeves are really huge. I would suggest wearing something under this because if you raise your arms, people can see your goodies. I made this top out of a challis print bought at Hancock fabrics about 4 years ago. I will be making this again-definitely!

I will post more tops later on in the week


Joyce in NC said...

Cute summer top!!

Faye Lewis said...

Oh yes, I really like that new top. It looks breezy and cool too.